The Mind Play Study Guide

The Mind Play Study Guide

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Author: Mark Wiseman

Brand: Wiseman Mark

Edition: 1


  • The Mind Play Study Guide

ISBN: 1512230278

Number Of Pages: 408

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis introduced thousands of people to the exciting, sexy world of erotic hypnosis. Now, take your knowledge to the next level with The Mind Play Study Guide.

Are you looking to learn more about erotic hypnosis? The Mind Play Study Guide contains 27 lessons, complete with exercises to use in practicing the skills from each chapter. From the very basics of how to do inductions, deepeners, triggers, and suggestions to an expanded menu of his well-known “Kinky Human Tricks” to advanced topics like transformation play, dual inductions, and mutual hypnosis, Wiseguy's lessons are direct, clear, and detailed enough to have you enjoying mind play at any level you desire.

Have you already found a local erotic hypnosis group to play and practice with? Each chapter in the Study Guide contains everything you need to teach the lesson's content to a group, including discussion questions, exercises, and even notes on effective ways to present that topic. There is even a lesson on how to give presentations, in which Wiseguy reveals some of the techniques that he uses to make his classes so entertaining and effective.

Whether you enjoy hypnotizing, being hypnotized, or just want to know at a deep level what erotic hypnosis is all about, The Mind Play Study Guide is the most comprehensive handbook you'll find. And it's written in Wiseguy's clear, direct, and often humorous style.

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